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Storyboards are short stories uploaded by our customers that illustrate all the unique uses and fun possibilities that great Polish Pottery can provide. You are welcome to upload your own story if you sign up for an account using the button to the left.

Every morning I have breakfast surrounded by my beautiful Polish Pottery. Everything tastes better when using Polish Pottery. M.M.
After stumbling across this adorable shop, Our daughter has claimed our new mug. C.C.
Enjoying my beautiful Polish Pottery on this sunny day! N.H.
I love displaying the Autumn foliage in my pottery MG
Just a taste of our collection. We love it! A.S.
It’s been a year since I’ve started collecting Polish pottery. My darling daughter-in-law started me out with two lovely mugs. From then on I’ve been collecting little pieces here and there.
Perfect Mug for Tea! JW
A beautiful piece and just brings extra joy to a meal. N.I.
My new Absolute favorite Mug! A.B.
Mexican stuffed shells in my casserole, love it. J.R.
After an unfortunate mishap, I found yet another use for my beautiful polish pottery. JM
We drink a lot of coffee during tax season and it always tastes better in a Polish Pottery mug!
Wonderful picture of me with my new bubble mug taken by my children. B.W.
Made a Key Lime Pie in my new favorite pie pan! LR
I can finally display my Polish Pottery now that I updated my built-in china cabinet.
Taking my new piece for a spin with gluten free pasta in a vodka sauce. YUM! L.A.
What better way to enjoy a Polish dinner than to serve it on Polish pottery. Golabki is one of my favorite comfort foods.
My Bistro Mug is Beautiful!
Polish pottery, Mexican cuisine, enjoyed in the USA! MB
Warming up a cold day with a hot mug of soup! J.H.
Everything tastes better when cooked in Polish Pottery! K.W.
I wake up each morning with my Polish Pottery! The first thing I do is make a cup of coffee and go to the sugar bowl to sweeten it! P.B.
I love using my Polish Pottery for making Polish “mielone kotlety”, or ground cutlets! The best part is it cleans up so easily! P.B.
Warm banana bread on a windy day. B.F
this is perfect for everyday use. E.M
We picked this up a couple months ago for our daughter Laura. D.C.
I have several pieces and love them all. They are durable and beautiful. This is my latest bought at the shop (with a few other things) in April.
We absolutely love our new Polish Pottery mugs! We also got a tour of the shop and it is beautiful!! Highly recommend a visit. Richard & Sandy S.
Beautiful pottery from your Quaint shop. K.W.
I know this is supposed to be used for food, but it is just too pretty. I have put this on my desk with business cards so I can see it everyday. S.K.
Enjoying soup in my beautiful Polish Pottery Soup Mug! Diane
I LOVE serving my Butterfinger Cheesecake on my cake stand I purchased at Old World Polish Pottery. M.S.
Yummy scalloped potatoes in my Old World Polish Pottery dish. JH
Beautiful and delicious! A. P.
I'm just in love with this pattern! D.C.
My Adorable little Gnome I just got! R.A.
Stuffed peppers and apple pie...Love the pottery, can't wait to get more! JR
I love Displaying my Pottery! PC
This is some of my Amazing Collection. M.G.
My Wonderful Pottery from your Beautiful Shop. K.D.
My girlfriend gifted me a Honey Pot from Old World Pottery she visited on vacation. It is so beautiful. KH
A Beautiful Mug to go with a Beautiful View. S.C.
Enjoying my tea in my Polish Pottery Mug! A.H.
Love my Polish Pottery collection P.B.
Enjoying my morning coffee in my Polish Pottery Bistro Mug. Steve
My Polish Pottery makes this fruit and dip look even more tasty! MB
Nothing like a polish pottery bowl full of strawberries...mmm delicious! JM
Couldn't wait to display my newest pieces! M.A.
Enjoying my new Mug along with my existing collection. E.S.
Dinner always tastes better when it's cooked in my Polish Pottery! T.K.
Hot cocoa in my Polish Pottery mug tastes just as good on a sunny day too! MM
Baked apples are the best and easiest snacks! They always turn out beautiful baked in my Polish Pottery! JP
Coffee just tastes better in my mug from Old World Polish Pottery! BP
Even Nature loves Polish Pottery! R.R.
The beautiful cross I found in your shop in Ohio. BP
My lemon bread looking delicious as ever in my new Polish Pottery! JM
Nothing beats using this beautiful piece everyday. TM
My peach cobbler looks beautiful in my polish pottery! DA
Nothing starts the day out better than a cup of coffee in my Polish Pottery Mug! Jackie C.
I love using my Polish Pottery Rolling Pin! SS
Everyone LOVES our new baker (I showed everybody)! MC
We really enjoyed our visit to your shop! PB
This is how to eat Strawberry Polish Pottery! JF
I decorate my mantle with my Polish Pottery and change it by the season. It looks so beautiful! Just looking at Polish Pottery makes me HAPPY! KH
I love displaying, as well as using, my Stars & Stripes Polish Pottery. R.B.
I love my new pottery! PSM
I got a beautiful mug from Roger and his selection. Gorgeous products and such high quality. I love enjoying my evening tea on my back porch, watching my birds, sipping from my hand painted mug.
Polish pottery makes even the simplest meals a treat. DM
Love using my Polish Pottery, it turns out looking beautiful every time! TS
I absolutely love the quality of our Polish Pottery! We made a traditional favorite, "Zupa Szczawiowa" which is translated to Sorrel Soup. A.B.
Love our new paper towel stand. We purchased from you guys. Thanks Again- AG
Versatile pie dish...DY
This is how I like to "display" my pottery. Now lets eat! C.L.
Just couldn't wait to use my beautiful new mug! S.M.
My friend brought me to get a mug for College, instead I chose this adorable bowl! I am definitely returning for the mug! C.L.
Made lasagna and salad in some of our favorite polish stoneware pieces! B.K.
I recently received one of your mug's... absolutely love using it.! L.T
Love this gift from my Mom! She wanted to share a little bit of her heritage with each of her children. The dish is absolutely beautiful, but getting to spend the day with her shopping for it is the real gift!
My beautiful Polish Pottery Bowl makes my salad look even more delicious! M.B.
My new found love! L.W.
They turned out beautiful! L.W.
I use this everyday now. It replaced my former favorite cup I used for years! J.B.
The best part is, you can reheat them in this awesome mug! G.D.
This lovely flower coaster usually hosts my morning tea, but today this mini cupcake seems right at home too! - Mae, OH
The square baker is perfect for scalloped potatoes. Rita
Enjoying this brisk Fall Sunday afternoon sitting by the fire sipping warm tea and snacking on thumbprint cookies. J.W.
My "Dish of memories" is a collection of dried flowers received from my husband of 56 years, for anniversaries and the births of our 10 beautiful children, kept safe in my beautiful Polish pottery. B.W.
I love displaying my Rooster polish pottery collection! B.G.
I LOVE my polish pottery! K.L.
I received this adorably amazing piece from my sister, it watches me while I work :) J.M.
Taking a little time out for some refreshment using my Polish Pottery Mug!
Enjoying my morning brew in my beautiful Polish Pottery Mug! AH
Lunch is served in my beautiful Polish Pottery! DH
I love using my Beautiful Polish Pottery!
We're having, French Onion Gratinee. Mmmmm delicious!
Every time I see this beautiful bowl, I'm in love.
Enjoying my afternoon snack AND my beautiful Polish Pottery! P.G.
Nothing beats Home made cookies on Hand made Polish Pottery Plate...- Katie
Loving my soup mug...M.L
Hamburger Casserole, Yum! We have lots of Polish Pottery pieces, but this one is probably the one I use most often... Jessica and Shawn
Our daughter fell in love with my first set. So she now will have a set of her own, but she will have to wait till Christmas!
My first pieces.
Drawing Winner of our Limited Edition platter...m.t.-OH
Enjoying our coffee and relaxing by the pool- s.h-OH
Cookies baked to perfection on my beautiful Polish Pottery! K.F.
Could not drink my morning cuppa in ANYTHING else! PE
Look at the masterpiece made in my Polish Pottery pie dish! MK
Polish Pottery always Rocks when in use...s.b
Love using my Polish Pottery mug... CHEERS! -t.m
Poland and Hawaii join forces in my Polish Pottery mug. marybeth- OH
I use mine indoors and outdoors! S.M.
Yummy crustless Asparagus Quiche (gluten-free). mary-OH
This is my breakfast routine each morning :) The dishes put a smile on my face each time - I just love the comfort of the design and quality of the product.
Love baking in my Polish Pottery... Always meeting my baking needs! SR
Perfect time for using my Polish Pottery at breakfast time.-PC
Nothing quite like shrimp in Polish Pottery....Happy New Years Folks! KF. OH
Yummy lasagna and garlic bread done just right in my beautiful Polish Pottery... M.F.
Love to display my Polish Pottery piece for everyone to see! L.N
Ham Loaf made in our baker with a lid...jc-Ohio
Polish Pottery bringing family and friends closer together.-S.B-Ohio
Just using a few of my Polish Pottery pieces for our Thanksgiving dinner! M.A-alabama
A cappuccino mug a perfect size... B.F.
When you are a Buffalo girl it’s chicken wing soup in a Old World Polish Pottery soup mug-M.M
Nothing says homemade like a loaf of bread-N.J
Life is a journey enjoy the ride and grab a piece of Polish Pottery- paula
Shopped at Old World Polish Pottery store... Purchased this creamer and every time I use it makes me Happy! -p.u
Peach chicken and brown rice in my beautiful polish pottery! M.K
Nothing quite like a homemade double espresso in our Old World Polish Pottery espresso cup! LF- ohio
Fresh baked Alaskan Cod with seasoning herb butter and tomato-aw-CO
Enjoy using my new baker and pitcher-DB
Zucchini bread ready to be sliced.. Yum!- J&K OH
Just a few pieces from my collection.. I use Polish Pottery everyday and display it with pride. Marcia-IN
Forget the veggies, I'll diet tomorrow. DF
I always get many compliments on how beautiful ! JP
I was thrilled to find a beautiful and affordable Tea-for-one set during our visit to Old World Polish Pottery! KV
Here is our recent purchase of Polish Pottery....made Gratin de Pomodoro- LZ
Fresh sliced melon in my new Polish Pottery bowl! Jennifer
Homemade peach cobbler in my new Polish Pottery baking dish! Jennifer
The BEST way to use Polish Pottery is when serving with it! m.o -Dayton
Thank you J.J for sharing your morning cup of coffee with your New Bubble Mug!
My husband put in a request for lasagna... I was able to add an extra layer, it baked evenly, and the clean up was so easy... I love my new piece! P.Weaver
Emily's yummy breakfast casserole...NC
Kahlan enjoying her breakfast in "special" bear design Polish Pottery- Ga.
Katie decorates her Polish Pottery Soup Mug with "very special" homemade cookies.... kj Kentucky
Thank you Mary Ann for sharing your "HAPPY" Polish Pottery photo with everyone.
Tea Time made perfect with bistro mugs and honey pot...RN
Ready to make the famous artichoke dip...!
On a Saturday afternoon drive we came across OWPP, met the very informative owner, purchased 2 beautiful mugs which we enjoy daily
Homemade grilled cheese with tomato soup... Sandusky, Ohio
Grandma stores candy instead of cookies. NZ
Christmas Eve dinner table last year. Showing a variety of patterns and linens. MO
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Strawberries shortcake in our Polish Pottery what a treat. RC
Made stuffed cabbage from the Polish cookbook that we bought at your shop. It was delicious! Rachel B. ... Ohio
A reminder of summer and delicious corn on the cob with Polish Stoneware.
Polish Pottery is wonderful for baking. This casserole I use at-least once a is the perfect size. This was the perfect wedding gift.
Happy Thanksgiving! S.B
When my son and daughter in law were stationed in Germany. My daughter in law went to Poland several times. These were some of the pieces she sent me.
We love, love our Polish Pottery. Tonight, we used the soup mugs for a Mexican Chicken and Rice dish, along with chips and salsa (in our ramekins)!
I live in St. Louis and do not have any neat stores here. I can not wait to come back for more! Sandy
Many of these pieces I brought back from Poland a few years back. The mug however came from your lovely store.
Our great collection of Polish Pottery...M.S
I love my pottery and my husband loves the pies.
I wanted to send a picture of my beautiful bowl being used. I was afraid at first to put it in the dishwasher but it has survived quite well with no chips or marks or fading.
Hi there... Here is a picture of my new and beautiful piece of pottery. We love it! We can not wait to shop at your store again. R.H in Munroe Falls,OH
Hi! We enjoyed talking to you over the July fourth weekend and when you told us the story of your mom making a pie in a little casserole dish. Here is our chicken pot pie. It was so cute thank you. Suzy and Brian
Mia Loves her Bowl! Tia and Jim
Batman Loves his Bowl! Tia and Jim
We use it every day and it gets washed in the dishwasher. Tia and Jim NOTE: Table by: Farmerstown Furniture
I love my Polish Pottery and use it everyday! Tia
An Old World Polish Pottery gift certificate is the perfect option for the hard to buy for person! REMEMBER ...YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH POLISH POTTERY.
We are enjoying a cup of coffee with our polish pottery bistro mugs...
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I had so much fun setting up for a baby shower using my Polish Pottery collection.
You could say I’m a Pottery junkie. I love every peice I own. I bake, freeze, store and decorate with my Polish Pottery. Recipes to come.
My collection has begun.